Explore the many adventure activities open to you here at Montana Mountains. You’ll find something for every season of the year, and visitors of every age and fitness level. 



Elevation at the park makes it possible for us to offer a wide range of slopes, for skiers of every level. Ski season starts with the first good snowfall (usually around mid-November) and generally continues through mid-March.


Snow climbing is relatively new at the park, and incredibly popular. We offer a range of climbing facilities and a 3-hour training course for new climbers. All climbing gear can be rented at the park main office.


Access our most challenging mountains and hillscapes with our heliski package. It enables you to reach the most remote areas of our park, and enjoy a truly individualize and exciting ski experience.



You’ll find hundreds of kilometers of paved and off-road riding trails at the park. Be prepared for extra high winds as you ride higher, and potentially slick conditions. Make sure you wear protective gear.


Bring your hiking poles, sturdy shoes and plenty of high-energy foods, because once you get started walking the park’s hiking trails, you aren’t going to want to stop. All of our trails are clearly marked according to level of expertise.


There are more 180 campsites in the park, and demand is high, so book in advance. Note that developed sites have basic facilities such as running water and toilets; backcountry sites have no such facilities.


You’ll find an incredible array of wildlife roaming freely at the park. Enjoying taking photos, but do be sure to keep a safe distance. Also, respect the wildlife you encounter, as this is their home.


Travelling by canoe is one of the most relaxing ways of enjoying the park. Move along the water at a gentle pace, enjoying the scenery as you go. There are two boat shops at the park that rent canoes and gear.


Riding has been a part of our national park since its designation in 1900. Horses, mules and llamas are allowed on designated park trails, and contribute to the park's special atmosphere.
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